Monday, August 31, 2015

2016 Volkswagens to Have Technology Features Previously Available On Premium Vehicles

In separate announcements, Volkswagen of America revealed that its 2016 model year vehicles will support both Apple's CarPlay and Android Auto, along with crash avoidance systems and other driver assistance features that were only previously available for the premium Touareg SUV.
Volkswagen introduced its MIB II infotainment system, an all-new system that lays down the foundation for the company's Car-Net connected vehicle services platform.
MIB II will also be offering one of the most comprehensive suites of features and services for connected vehicles in the entire automobile industry, with its App Connect system allowing users access to the seamless integration of their smartphones to the vehicle using Apple's CarPlay, Google's Android Auto or Mirror Link.
In addition to App Connect, other systems that MIB II also offers are Security & Service, which includes various services for connected cars and advanced telematics, and Guide & Inform, which improves the navigation capabilities of the vehicle and provides users with an advanced infotainment interface.
Volkswagen said that the company has decided to collaborate with leaders in the technology industry for the identification and integration of the most recent innovations into its vehicles, as opposed to attempting to control all developments for car connectivity within their products.
The first 2016 models that will be bearing MIB II and the compatibility with both Apple's CarPlay and Android Auto will begin to be released in showrooms of dealers in late July of this year.
In addition, Volkswagen also announced the addition of several new features to 2016 model year vehicles. These new features include front assist systems, adaptive cruise control, park assist systems and lane assist systems.
The front assist system will warn drivers of a possible front-end collision through a sound alert and a warning symbol that will appear in the vehicle's instrument cluster. If necessary, the autonomous emergency braking system will be activated to prevent the vehicle form crashing in the event that the driver fails to hit the brakes on time.
Adaptive cruise control will assist drivers in maintaining a steady speed and distance from the vehicle at the front, with the driver setting the speed and desired distance through the multifunction steering wheel of the vehicle. The driver can override the speed and distance settings at any time using the accelerator pedal, brake pedal or steering wheel.
In addition, an automatic post-collision braking system will also be included for certain vehicles, with the system applying the brakes of a vehicle upon a crash to prevent the motion of the vehicle in leading to more damages and injuries.
The vehicles that will offer these features, depending on the model and trim level, are the Beetle, CC, Golf, Golf GTI, e-Golf, Golf R, Golf SportWagen and Jetta.

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